Another wondrous Margaret River winemaker with some spectacular wines

The latest in the Meet The Winemaker sessions organised by Brett Jones in Australia and Oliver Farquharson in the UK saw us settling around our laptops on a Saturday lunchtime to meet Travis Wray of House of Cards, certified in 2020 as 100% Organic

Meet the Winemaker participants: from top left
Brett Jones, our Aussie Host; yours truly; Travis Wray, House of Cards’ Winemaker; Damien Jones (Oz), Peter Dickens and Tim Milford (UK); Matt Sweeney (Oz); Stephen Kendall (Oz); Mark Cauchi (Oz); James Hubbard (UK) and Patrick Eckel (Oz)

"The Ace" Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 - 98 Points

House of Cards' flagship wine

"The Royals" Chardonnay 2019 97-98 Points

"Black Jack" Malbec 2018 - 97+ Points

"Kings in the Corner" CabSauv Merlot 2018 - 96+ Points

"Three Card Monte" Sauvignon Blanc 2018 - 96++ Points

If you can't judge a book by the cover, why would you judge a wine by the label?

Maybe just this once the adage is incorrect; because House of Cards has some of the most attractive labels I've ever seen. I'm sure they would stand out on the shelves of the local Bottle Shop; although from Travis's comments I'm not sure they would make it that far. Travis has a thriving Cellar Door to which the people of Perth and its surroundings made a bee-line as soon as easing of restrictions permitted; so much so that the previous release of the "Queen Bee" Blanc de Blancs and "The Royals" Chardonnay have sold out.

Placeholder for House of Cards "Meet the Winemaker" 

The Knowledge - House of Cards 100% Organic Single Vineyard

17/5 Quininup Road
Yallingup WA 6282 Australia

+61 08 9755 2583

Website: House of Cards

UK Stockist The Vinorium


Meet the Winemaker Tasting - 29 May 2021