Zoomin’ with Santolin (Page under Construction)

Placeholder for introduction to Santolin Wines Australia Zoom tasting 25 July 2020

As you can see we (almost) all forgot the cardinal rule of Zoom - either face a window or make sure there is a bright light behind your camera/screen! Kudos to Tim who seems to have managed both

Introducing Adrian and Rebecca (and Scarlett)

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The delectable single vineyard Gladysdale 2018 Chardonnay

Photo courtesy of Brett Jones aka Aussie Wine Tasting

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Enter the "Cosa Nostra" wines - and "Il Capo" di Tutti Capi

Santolin Cosa Nostra Chardonnay and Il Capo Sangiovese/Nero D'Avola blend: Photo credit to Ollie

Placeholder for notes on Santolin's Cosa Nostra Chadonnay, "Il Capo" Blend and Pinot Noir 

In conclusion...

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Tim M demonstrates that he can get the lighting right on both sides of his screen! Not to mention the artful product placement